2020 G & J Conf. Delegate Candidates

During the 2018 Annual Conference, we will elect three clergy delegates and three lay delegates.  The delegation will consist of one clergy and one laity delegate to General Conference, (who also attend Jurisdictional Conference on our behalf), an additional clergy and laity voting delegate to Jurisdictional Conference (for a total of two voting members each), and two additional clergy and lay alternates.  Lay members are eligible to vote in the laity ballot.  Clergy members vote in the clergy ballot. There is no formal nomination process, so if you are interested in (and eligible for) being elected for this critical work on behalf of our Conference, you are encouraged to prayerfully consider putting your name forward.  Nominations will be accepted from the floor of Annual Conference.

We requested that interested clergy and laity, complete an interest form consisting of three questions.

Lay Delegate Interest Form Responses
Clergy Delegate Interest Form Responses
Karen Wells Lay Delegate Form

Jeb Archey – Clergy  Pam Rowley – Clergy
Susan Brumbaugh – Lay   Dan Salzwedel – Lay
Linda Finch – Lay   Todd Salzwedel – Clergy
Randall Partin – Clergy  Ross Whiteaker – Clergy
Eddie Rivera – Clergy  Dustin Wilhite – Clergy
Karen Wells – Lay