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Single Family
PPO B1000 $683.00 $1,705.00
CDHP $678.00 $1,689.00



Single Family
PPO B1000 $650.00 $1,624.00
CDHP $646.00 $1,609.00


2014 HealthFlex Plans

The New Mexico Conference sponsors two health plans through HealthFlex, the managed-care health program of the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits. Click on the plans below to access the Uniform Summary of Benefits of each.

PPO B1000 Plan with RX P1

icon 2015 PPO B1000 with RX P1 Summary


Consumer-Driven Health Plan (CDHP) with RX P2

icon 2015 CDHP with RX P2 Summary


Participants may elect to have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) during the HealthFlex Annual Election period.  Please click on the links below for additional information:

icon FSA Information

icon Understanding FSAs


Access all your HealthFlex benefits and plan information through WedMD at:



  • Death and Disability Protection – Active Clergy

Comprehensive Protection Plan (CPP) - Provides disability, death and other supplemental benefits to participating clergy and their families. This is a mandatory plan for all clergy serving in a fulltime appointment.

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UMLifeOptions Clergy Supplemental Life Insurance - Provides supplemental life insurance plans for eligible clergy. Clergy eligible for and enrolled in the CPP (see above) are automatically enrolled in the Clergy Supplemental Life Insurance plan upon appointment. The benefits include $50,000 life insurance and $50,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment for the active clergy participant, and $5,000 life insurance for the spouse of the active clergy participant. The benefits in this plan are in addition to the life insurance provided to the active clergy through the CPP.


UMLifeOptions Optional Life Insurance Plan – Provides an opportunity for eligible active clergy to purchase additional life insurance for themselves, their spouse and eligible children. This is in addition to the life insurance provided by the conference through the CPP and the Clergy Supplemental Life Insurance Plan.

  • Death and Disability Protection – Lay Employees

UMLifeOptions Provides long-term disability and life insurance plans to eligible lay employees. This plan is available for lay employees through the General Board of Pension & Health Benefits. Local churches may elect to adopt this plan to provide a life insurance benefit, disability income protection, or both, for their lay employees. Local churches can contact Dru Ann Kuntz in the New Mexico Conference Office if they are interested in sponsoring this plan.


The New Mexico Annual Conference has teamed up with AFLAC to expand our benefits plans.  The New Mexico Annual Conference has an agreement on behalf of all member churches with AFLAC offering participation in AFLAC's supplemental insurance to all clergy, lay employees and their immediate family.  This is offered from the Conference and not the local church.  Each individual church does not need to have their own plan in place because of this agreement.  The agreement provides the necessary documentation for Section 125 of the IRS code allowing for a pre-tax payroll deduction.  All clergy and lay employees (working 19 hours a week or more) within the Conference are offered the opportunity to participate.  These are voluntary benefits; participation in AFLAC is done through payroll deductions at the local church and each church is asked to remit those deductions to the Conference Office.  Next 2016 open enrollment will be announced soon. A new employee has 30 days to enroll if they choose.  Contact Dru Ann Kuntz, Conference Benefits Officer for more information.


For other information on retiree benefits, life insurance, health insurance, benefits for lay employees and death and disability for lay employees contact the Conference Benefits Officer, Dru Ann Kuntz, for additional information, .