Four Corners Native American Ministry

Director: Rev. Raquel Mull
PO Box 400 / Hwy 64 East
Shiprock, NM  87420
(505) 368-4402


Sharing God's Love and Reconciliation with the Navajo Nation through Christ-Centered Congregational Development and Community Outreach


Since 1989, The United Methodist Church has observed the 3rd Sunday of Easter as Native American Awareness Sunday, intended to recognize the gifts and contributions of Native Americans to American society and the Christian church. Native American Awareness Sunday provides a prayerful opportunity for repentance and reconciliation between indigenous and immigrant peoples:

  • Pray for non-Native partners and supporters, recognizing that we are all one body, all brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 12; 12-27, Eph 4:4-6, Gal 3:28)
  • Pray for God's forgiveness- and especially for the desire to forgive others who "have trespassed against us." (Matt 6:12-15, Luke 11:3)
  • Pray for the Navajo Nation - and for all Native people, tribes and nations in North America (Psalm 67:4). Pray for its leaders, for its women and children. Pray for good relations between native peoples.  Pray for economic and social well-being.
  • Pray for other Native American ministries on the Navajo Nation and for other Native American ministries in the United Methodist Church throughout the country. (Mark 12:28-34)

Special offerings on this Sunday, and at any time, will help fund NAM throughout the denomination. Four Corners Native American Ministries is endorsed by the General Board of Global Ministries of the UMC.


You can give online to Native American Ministries Sunday at NAMS.

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Or, send to the Four Corners office at Four Corners Native American Ministry, PO Box 400, Shiprock, NM  87420.


Or, send donations to Treasurer Cathy Anderson, New Mexico Conference, 11816 Lomas Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112