New Church Development

Our Mission: To support the creation of new places for new people and a culture supportive of new church development.

Contact the Chairman of the New Church Development Committee, Kathy Jewell: 915-593-7401 or

New Church Development Mini-Grant Info

Mini-Grant applications are in keeping with the purpose of developing New Places for New People through the NM Annual Conference. Mini-Grant requests are viewed as a part of the commitment to foster creative, bold and extraordinary means or ways for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ for all people.

The Mini-Grant process requires that individuals/churches develop vision for reaching out to others in new and creative ways. It is in this effort that the Mini-Grant will be a funding source to support those projects.

The New Church Development Committee will respond to requests within 3-5 months after the Mini-Grant Proposal/Request has been received. Start date for projects should reflect time of discernment for necessary support and accountability to be put into place by the NCDC.

NCDC Mini-Grant Form

For more information on collaborative UMC leadership for new church starts visit