The Laity Session will be held on Thursday, June 15 at 8:30 am, prior to Opening Business.

Our Laity Session speaker is Julia Kuhn Sharp.  She is a ‘perfecting’ Lay Christian, Author, Missioner, and Ministry Coach for pastoral leaders and teams who has worked at all levels of the UMC. Previously she served as Director of Small Membership Church and Shared Ministries at the General Board of Discipleship. She was a staff specialist on two Quadrennium ‘Study on Ministry’ and the Council of Bishop’s Task Force on Theological Education. Ms. Sharp is an effective advocate for Laity, contextual Theological Education and Mutual Ministry.

Julia is the legislative architect of Certified Lay Ministry in our Book of Discipline and developed the resource framework still in use. Currently she is writing the ‘Field Guide for Extraordinary Certified Lay Ministry.’

Don't miss the important session!