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Archives and History Commission seeking Nominations for Living Archives
The Archives and History Commission will meet on February 19 to select the two individuals who will receive the Living Archive Award at Annual Conference this year. As noted in their rules,” The purpose of the award is to lift up and honor exemplary individuals of the conference whose work and/or spirit provide hope and inspiration.”
There are three criteria by which selection is made,
1. Persons must have given exemplary service to the NM Conference and The United Methodist Church over many years at the Conference level.
2. Persons must have served their communities in exceptional ways and provided an example of Christ-like servanthood to the world.
3. Persons who may have contributed to our understanding of Methodist History, such as those who have researched and shared our history in creative ways.
The nominating process is open to everyone. Nominations may be sent by letter or email to the office of the Conference Archivist, . The deadline for this year is January 31st, although nominations can be submitted at any time during the year for future consideration. The nomination should list all the reasons why this individual deserves consideration. Supporting letters and endorsements may also be submitted. The Commission discusses all nominations before voting on the final recipient.


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