Annual Conference 2020

“Hold the Date” for New Mexico Annual Conference – October 16-17, 2020

It is becoming increasingly unlikely that an on-site gathering of the New Mexico Annual Conference will take place in Roswell in August. Restrictions on large gatherings continue and are likely to remain in effect for a while.

As the meeting in Roswell in August was already our “Plan B” for this year’s Annual Conference, we are working to be nimble, flexible, and creative in the midst of great uncertainty and are shifting to “Plan C.” Therefore, please hold the dates of October 16-17 for the 2020 Session of The New Mexico Annual Conference. A decision about whether the session will be an on-site gathering or virtual/online will be made later, well in advance of the October dates.

Given the unusual circumstances in which the people called Methodist find themselves, the agenda for our gathering will be pared down significantly in order to accomplish only those items necessary and/or required for the business of the Annual Conference. Prioritized agenda items for our gathering include:

  • Worship/devotion
  • Roll Call
  • Executive/Clergy Session for approving retirement requests, ordination, and other clergy status items
  • Adopting a budget and spending plan for 2021
  • A resolution pertaining to retired clergy housing exclusion
  • The Laity Address
  • Report on Nominations
  • Any resolutions pertaining to closure/discontinuance of local churches
  • A resolution establishing the location of the 2022 Annual Conference session
  • Ordination/Commissioning

All other items such as reports from boards, committees, or institutions should be included in a Consent Calendar and will be approved or adopted as a whole.

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