Coaching makes all the difference for congregational vitality and community impact.

What is Coaching? Coaching assumes a certain level of health and well-being – it is NOT counseling.  It doesn’t assume expertise or experience – it is NOT mentoring or advising.  The main premise is that the Coachee has all the answers within themselves.  A coach uses their innate curiosity, ability to listen and coaching training to help the Coachee shift perspective, identify obstacles or limiting beliefs, and regain momentum in order to move toward their goals or desires.

How will Coaches be utilized by the Conference?   We need our team of Coaches to deploy all across the Conference to facilitate (sometimes difficult) discussions; work with program participants to take what they’ve learned and make positive changes in their mission fields; and generally, help people become healthier, more engaged Disciples of Jesus Christ.

Coaching Training Opportunities

The following coaching trainings will help you identify your potential as a leader and equip you to develop others as leaders within your ministry setting.  For your convenience, we will offer the training once per month for 3 months or 3 consecutive days.

Coaching Training on Saturdays once per month:

Overview of Coach Competencies
Saturday, July 27, Albuquerque

Developing Coaching Skills 1
Saturday, August 24, Albuquerque

Developing Coaching Skills 2
Saturday, September 21, Albuquerque

OR, the same Coach Training classes will be offered in a 3-consecutive day sequence.
September 19-21, 2019
Overview of Coach Competencies
Thursday, September 19, Albuquerque

Developing Coaching Skills 1
Friday, September 20, Albuquerque

Developing Coaching Skills 2
Saturday, September 21, Albuquerque

What are our Conference Coaches Doing with their Certification?

-Accountability Coordinator for public school district
-Coach pastors and church leaders
-Discipleship Development Minister for their church
-One-on-One Coaching following New Membership Class
-Move teams & groups forward in church & work
-Personal coaching business

If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Blossom Matthews at

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