Coach Profiles

NM Conference Coach Team 

Donna Berry – A believer in profound partnership, dedicated to companioning and supporting my clients who are people poised to become unstoppable in life. My call to do things for the church has led me to certification in Spiritual Formation in the United Methodist church and now to certification in coaching. Coaching is an adventure in listening, while creating safe space in which to explore what the client desires to be or do or have. Location: ABQ Contact:; 505-604-4487;

Rev. Kim Kinsey –A busy pastor, serving Western Hills UMC in El Paso whose outside activities include her cats, exercise, and reading.  She invites you to join her for coaching to help you grow, clarify the goals of your life, and to find new energy. Location: El Paso Contact:  505-659-9757 or

Rev. Cheri Lyon – Get unstuck and become unstoppable. Work with a coach to move forward in meeting your spiritual, ministry, or other personal and professional goals. Location: Taos  Contact: 505-440-6849 

Rev. Doug Mills – I am not only a coach, but also a trainer of new coaches.  I bring a wealth of experience to my personal style of coaching. One of my spiritual gifts is discernment and I specialize in finding the life-changing, powerful questions that guide individuals or groups into a healthy future. As a former Associate General Secretary, I worked closely with the bishops and general agencies to articulate the vision of our denomination. My goal is to use careful listening and holy conversation to guide you or your team into deeper and more committed discipleship. Location: ABQ Contact: 505-359-0052 or

Linda Nash –Coaching is a mindset; it is believing that you are your own best resource.  I am credentialed as a Professional Certified Coach and live in Los Alamos, NM.  I have over five years of experience as a coach in a large school district.  I specialize in individual leadership coaching as well as coaching teams and groups in strategic planning and data-based decision making.  I am available to coach in person, video conferencing, or over the phone. I may be contacted at 505-944-6025 or  I look forward to empowering you and your team to be creative problem-solvers moving forward faster.

Rev. Darren Skinner – I am excited to share the opportunities for growth and maturity through the coaching relationship.  I am a United Methodist pastor who has served for over 25 years in the New Mexico and Northwest Texas Conferences. I have personally benefitted from coaching and am excited to assist others to grow and mature in their professional, personal, leadership and spiritual life.  I look forward to partnering with those interested in moving forward in their life and ministry.  Location: Las Cruces Contact: 575-318-9239 or