Creating a Culture of Renewal

Randall Partin, Provost & Rebekah Simon-Peter talking "Relevant, Passionate, Life-Changing" Churches.

Creating a Culture of Renewal is an award-winning, proven, and empowering approach to self-awareness, leadership and ministry. Using emotional intelligence, you will master practical leadership tools to bring new life to your congregation.  You will discover the vital interplay between interpersonal communication, group dynamics, and congregational culture.  Developed by busy church leaders for busy church leaders. Successful completion earns you a Certificate of Congregational Renewal.

Learning takes place through a rich mix of face to face retreats, podcasts, paired sharing, collaborative learning, live webinars, field work in your church, a mentor for support and accountability, and a workbook designed especially for the experience.  We’ve thought of everything!  Click here to contact Rebekah.

Creating a Culture of Renewal Website

Track 1: Culture and Communication:  Is your congregation reaching its full potential? Increase your emotional intelligence and gain greater self-acceptance and appreciation of others.  Decode hidden messages unintentionally delivered through worship and ministries of the church which reinforce a stuck culture. Work with a trained mentor to turn insight into action. Empower a congregational leadership team with new hope and awareness.  Click here for more info

Track 2: Leadership Smarts:  Are you the leader you want to be? Your congregation can only go as far as you lead them. Learn how to skillfully engage others to make a lasting difference. Discover your well-used and under-used leadership behaviors.  Support and develop new leaders through mentoring.  Craft a bold vision that inspires, unifies, and sets the stage for exponential growth.  Click here for more info

Track 3: Culture Shift!  Are you leading with a bold vision? 100% of church decline is due to lack of an empowering and inspiring vision. Learn how to expand assumptions about what is possible, gain buy-in, carry a vision through to completion and watch your church culture shift. Guided by Jesus’ own example of ministry, refine your vision, gain alignment and champion execution of a new Kingdom-inspired goal.  Click here for more info