Laity Information

The NM Conference is one of the leaders in the entire UMC connection for utilizing the gifts of its laity in the mission field.

CLM’s & Lay Servant Ministers:  Two ways that laity serve are Certified Lay Ministers (CLM’s) and Lay Servant Ministers.

Coaching: We are taking a dual approach to training coaches in our conference.  Some participants may choose to take basic coaching training in order to be a blessing to the various communities in which they serve – church, work, family, etc.  Coaching has been shown to enable churches to grow disciples in their midst.

Others may decide to continue training for certification and use their coaching in a broader arena.  The United Methodist Church is experiencing a challenging time.  We need coaches to help us engage in difficult conversations and move forward productively. We are offering coaching training supported by Coaching 4 Today’s Leaders and Coaching 4 Clergy.  More Information

Lay Delegates:  Each church sends one delegate per appointed clergy to their church.  There are other Lay Delegates that are associated with organizations connected with the Conference such as CCYM.  There must be an equal number of clergy and lay delegates to annual conference, so an equalization formula is used.  Important Information

Ministry of the Laity Resources: Click here.

Church Leader Resources: Committees such as SPRC, Finance or Trustee – Need more information, Click here

United Methodist Women -United Methodist Women is the largest denominational faith organization for women with approximately 800,000 members whose mission is fostering spiritual growth, developing leaders and advocating for justice.  Every year, the NM Conference UMW offers educational conferences and MissionU.  For more information, please contact UMW President, Cheryll Felder,

United Methodist Men – The General Commission on United Methodist Men (UMMen) involves men in a growing relationship to Jesus Christ and his church and provides resources and support for programs of evangelism, stewardship and the needs of men. United Methodist Men leads the church’s scouting ministry (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Campfire), encourages participation in several programs serving at-risk youth and advocates for and supports men seeking to prevent domestic violence. For more information, please contact Interim UMM President,Dave Price: (505)897-0875,