A Word from Bishop

Bishop Schnase offers some comments on disaffiliation and why no matter your theological leanings, you have a place in the UMC.

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A call for all members of the New Mexico Conference to maintain integrity, honesty, and goodwill in the midst of disaffiliation. Please sign this Call along with other NMAC Clergy & lay people

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Ask The UMC

Is the UMC Really..? is a series to address FAQ's and disinformation.

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That We May Be One

Information and conversation among clergy and laity who want to work together for the future of the United Methodist Church–holding together various backgrounds and theological positions to offer the strongest possible witness to the love of Jesus Christ.

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Igniting Imagination Podcast

TMF Podcast - Discussion of what core values and truths to carry forward and include in the future church.

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Why Do We need this page?

Since the General Conference didn't meet in 2022, the decision regarding disaffiliation was regrettably pushed down to the local church. Some of the information that churches entering the disaffiliation discernment process are receiving is skewed toward persuading people to vote to leave the UMC. We want to ensure that our people are getting all the information that they require to make the best decision for themselves and their church.

"There's a place for you in the UMC.  Whether you approach things from a more conservative theology, or centrist, or more progressive theology...You're an important part of the future of the UMC."
Bishop Robert Schnase

Disaffiliation Information

Some of our churches are opting to consider disaffiliating from the UMC. If your church believes that you can conduct the ministry of your church within the United Methodist Church, you do not need to do anything.

Disaffiliation Webpage

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