Luke Edwards led an online training for clergy and laity across the New Mexico Conference on the practical steps for starting a Fresh Expression. Luke gave examples such as his “Who Let the Dads Out” fresh expression for dads and father figures, as well as the “Memory Café” (pictured), which provides a fun and safe place for those affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease to attend with their caregivers. Fresh expressions also includes gatherings such as “Dinner Church” and “Messy Church.”

A fresh expression can happen any time a team identifies the people group to which God is calling them and the purpose God has called them to fulfill: the who and the why. When these two elements are identified, it is possible to create Christian community within that context. If you are interested in viewing the “How to Start a Fresh Expressions” video, simply request the link by emailing Blossom Matthews at

For those interested in discerning next steps in starting a fresh expression, register for a one-hour “Fresh Expressions Brainstorming & Action Plan Session” to be held Thursday, Sept. 29 at 7pm (MT). Those attending will receive helpful information to prepare them to think through their next steps and encouragement to step out in faith. Register here: