BOPHB Wellness Support Fund

The BOPHB will provide a grant opportunity for clergy, clergy spouses and their dependent children to proactively improve their spiritual, mental and physical health. Any clergy under full-time appointment may apply to the BOPHB for up to 75% of their expense, after any insurance or other financial help is taken into consideration. Items that may be considered (not limited to) are spiritual direction, coaching, help with weight loss, physical fitness training, facilities and equipment.

During this especially stressful time for pastors, many participants have used the grant to work with a therapist or a counselor.  This is an excellent use for the grant.

Requests will be reviewed by the BOPHB sub-committee and all requests will remain confidential. If approved, the sub-committee will decide what percentage of the request will be funded. Disbursements may be made on a one time or repeating basis, depending on the nature of the request. Only a limited number of grants are available each year. The submission of a completed application does not guarantee awarding of a grant. Three BOPHB members, elected by the BOPHB, shall constitute the Wellness Fund Review Committee. All grant requests will be strictly confidential. Only one grant per clergy household will be funded at a time.

Wellness Grant Application Email to Cazandra Campos MacDonald

NMBOPHB Medical Assistance Grant Policy

The New Mexico Annual Conference (NMAC) of 2002 voted to establish an Insurance Support Fund for clergy of our conference, for unreimbursed medical expenses which are not covered by the Conference-sponsored health plan. This fund was created to provide grants to active and retired clergy to assist with payment of uncovered health related expenses incurred by clergy or his/her dependent family member. This fund is authorized in the 2012 Discipline, ¶ 1506.11 (page 674). According to those provisions, a conference board of pensions may make special grants to clergy or retired clergy of the NMAC who are members of the NMAC; or to their spouse, former spouses, or surviving dependent children (including adult dependent children). The amounts granted from this fund will be reported to the Annual Conference each year.
The NM Board of Pension and Health Benefits has adopted this policy with the purpose of providing grants to active and retired clergy to assist with the payment of unexpected health related expenses incurred by clergy member or his/her dependent family member, which are not covered under current health plans. Any United Methodist clergy (active or retired) who is a member of the New Mexico Annual Conference is eligible to apply for this grant award. The Board of Pensions and Health Benefits reserves the right to review all applications from active and retired clergy. Only a limited number of grants are available each year.
Guidelines - The following guidelines shall be used in reviewing and approving all grant applications:
• Distressed clergy members of the New Mexico Annual Conference, spouses, surviving spouses or surviving dependent children (including adult dependent children) are eligible to apply for a grant. The term “clergy member” is interpreted to mean both active and retired conference members.
• A grant should only be requested to supplement health care insurance or the loss of income due to health-related problems after other resources have been utilized. Grants may be used to cover insurance deductibles or co-payments in unexpected situations.
• An application must be completed by the participant, or a person authorized to act on the participant’s behalf and requested information must be submitted to approve the grant.
• The grant amount is a maximum of $5,000.00 per family per year, whether active or retired. Each request will be reviewed on an individual basis.
• An applicant may apply several times during the year, but any grants awarded will not total in excess of $5,000.00 per calendar year (Deadline for submission of receipts is January 31st of the following year).
• Claims for grant assistance must involve medical expense that has already been incurred by the clergyperson, for medical expenses not covered by Conference-sponsored health plan(s). The following are examples of possible unreimbursed medical expenses:
• Alternative medicine expenses
• Out-of-pocket expenses
• Hearing aides
• Dental expenses
• Prescription costs
• Travel expenses (including accommodations) for necessary medical care
• Necessary medical supplies
• Vision
Process and Procedures - The New Mexico CBO and three current New Mexico Board of Pensions and Health Benefits board members appointed by the Board chair shall constitute the Grant Review Committee. The Grant Review Committee shall meet either in person or by teleconference to review and approve or reject all medical expense grant requests that have been designated as “qualified and approved for review” by the Conference Benefits Officer (CBO). (See “Attachment A, Qualified for Review”). Please complete the enclosed items and include all necessary documentation:

Medical Grant Application Email to Anna or mail to: 11816 Lomas Blvd. NE, ABQ, NM 87112.


Cazandra Campos MacDonald, Chair Wellness Grant

Anna Marshall, CBO