Bishop Schnase reports from the GC20 floor regarding the historic removal of restrictive language from the BoD.

Press Conference including, Rev. John Stevens who has a more traditional view of marriage.  To listen to him in particular, go to minute 11.

The postponed 2020 General Conference was held April 23 - May 3, 2024 in Charlotte, NC.  The Conference theme was "Know that I am God." Attendees worshipped, prayed, sang, danced, dined and deliberated together.

Texas Standard News Radio requested an interview with Bishop Schnase following the historic vote to remove restrictive language regarding LGBT persons.  In response to a question about what he'd like to say beyond the headlines, Bishop Schnase responded, "Well, I love the United Methodist Church. It it has changed my life. My family was, when I was young, kind of asked to leave a denomination, and I know what that feels like – this narrowing sense of God’s grace that unless you conform in this way, you don’t belong here.

This is a big day in the United Methodist Church – to take off the books some of the things that have restrained us and limited us from fulfilling our mission. And I am just so hopeful." To hear the interview, Click Here.

The purpose of this web-page is to provide accurate information regarding what transpired at GC20, what legislation passed and what those changes mean to the local church.  Information will be added as it becomes available.  You may use any or all of the content in your church communications.

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