The postponed 2020 General Conference will begin in Charlotte, NC on April 23, 2024. General Conference is scheduled from Tuesday, April 23rd until Friday, May 3rd. In addition to 1099 petitions to be considered, General Conference is a time for worship, prayer, singing, reports, sermons and celebration. Thursday through Saturday will consist of mostly Legislative Committee work. Starting on Tuesday, April 30th at 9:30 am ET, the action will be on the Plenary floor. We will have expanded coverage at that time.

The New Mexico Conference is sending a delegation of four: Dr. Susan Brumbaugh, Rev. Dr. Pam Rowley, Rev. Dr. Eddie Rivera and Dan Salzwedel. Bishop Robert Schnase will also be in attendance.

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Please keep all the people involved in this massive and important endeavor in your prayers. Please lift up the process in the hope that whatever transpires will propel the UMC forward according to God’s will for us. Thank you.