The Four Corners Native American Ministry Board of Directors would like to officially announce the hiring of Debra Yazzie as the Executive Director.

Debra’s Statement: My background is intertwined with my love and interests in music, community health, coaching in a variety of sports and natural habitats. My two favorite genres of music are classical piano and k-pop. I have DJ’ed for over 25 years for a variety of events like graduation receptions, wedding receptions, and dances. My hobby has taken me to many places and I’ve made many friends over the years. Each community I’ve lived in, I have tried to give back by picking up litter/trash, attend community meetings, and coach my favorite sport: basketball. I’m currently coaching my niece’s 4th grade team at Farmington Boys & Girls Club. I really enjoy teaching people about natural animal behavior and keystone species (former wildlife biologist/environmental scientist). And I currently am the Shiprock chapter Vice President.

Four Corners Native American Ministry is a great organization which focuses on the needs of the community. For the Shiprock community, those issues are homelessness (winter shelter), the need for clean drinking water (water tank project) and coordinating with organizations who want to make a difference by working on projects such as building ramps, stairs, gather gently used clothes/blankets, and build wood/coal bins. I want to use my varied professional skillset to help our organization grow into a community leader for many years to come. For more information, Click here.