Course of StudyFunding will be limited to persons under Episcopal appointment within the bounds of the New Mexico Annual Conference, and will be limited to $750 per year or $187.50 per course.

Seminary Grant ScholarshipsAwarded twice a year (March/October) to certified candidates attending a University Senate approved seminary or taking seminary classes online. There is a cap of $100 per credit hour.

Other Available Scholarships: (Awarded once a year prior to Annual Conference)
Raper ScholarshipAdministered by the Episcopal office for certified candidates attending Perkins School of Theology.

Gertrude Cooper ScholarshipAvailable for seminary students from the NM Annual Conference.

Daniel Phillips Memorial ScholarshipDistributions are intended to provide financial aid to individuals pursuing ministry as a second career through Course of Study or seminary.

Goode Ministerial ScholarshipDistributions are intended to provide financial aid to seminary students who will return to the NM Annual Conference.

Rev. Martha Singleterry Scholarship FundAn endowed fund to benefit women preparing for ordained ministry.

Moore-Snitker Scholarship EndowmentScholarship for seminary students from the NM Annual Conference.

Legacy FundCalling to ordained ministry, current or projected enrollment in seminary, affiliation with a UM congregation in NMAC for at least 2 years, intent to serve local churches, completion of candidacy program.

Ivy Scholarship Fund: Collegeseminary, or other graduate students preparing for a full-time church- related vocation in the UMC. Undergrad students shall have achieved the classification of Junior or Senior and be enrolled in their final one or two years of undergraduate studies.

Shelby & Claire Miller Endowment: Currently enrolled in accredited UM seminary preparing for full- time ordained ministry in the NM Conference as a deacon or elder.

Reece Jesus Plaque Christian Scholarship: Awarded to candidates who have the skills and aptitude needed to complete a course of study.

Linda Lucas, BOM Registrar
Ext. 104