Certified Lay Ministry

The Certified Lay Minister Program has evolved and developed to reflect the particular “flavor” of the New Mexico Conference. We now have 97 Certified Lay Ministers trained and 56 actively serving. At this time, there are six CLM persons who have answered the call and are in or have completed studies for Licensed Local Pastor. There are nine CLM’s who are temporarily filling pulpits in small churches throughout the New Mexico Conference. Numerous CLM’s are on staff or on CLM teams at their local churches filling various duties within the church.  One tireless CLM serves as a local church pastor, police chaplain, manages a church’s Messy Church Program and is on the Conference Communications Team (among many other things)!

Contact: Kathy Jewell, Conference Director for Certified Lay Ministry, 915-474-3968 or kpjewell7676@gmail.com

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CLM Training 2020 – 2021 

  • Receive Certificate of Completion for BOTH Lay Servant Basic course & Lay Servant Advanced Course
  • Letter of Recommendation from the pastor of the church where candidate holds membership
  • Letter of Recommendation from the SPRC where candidate holds membership
  • Membership in a UMC

Dates: Sept. 18-19, 2020,November 6-7, January 22-23, 2021, March 5-6, April 9-10, May 21-22
Location: Via ZOOM
Cost:  Each of 6 modules costs $50.
Contact Kathy Jewell at 915-474-3968

To remain certified, CLM’s must take an advanced Lay Servant training course every 3 years and submit an annual report to their local charge conference.