The first CLM Class certified in 2014.

Since then, there have been 11 classes, training 119 CLM's.  As of August, 2022, there are 49 active Certified CLMs serving in all aspects of their local church or assigned to a small church.

The CLM Program consists of application, training, certification and recertification.  Through this process of  training, accountability, and encouragement,  it is assured that the CLM has been equipped with the tools be in ministry with their congregation and equipping pastor.

The CLM Program is a “Called” ministry that is in covenant with a team, from the local church, that develops a “we” ministry.  CLM's enhance the quality of ministry through their spiritual gifts, training and continued accountability.

The New Mexico Conference Board of Laity is the oversight body that ensures each CLM is equipped and accountable to serve in the local church in programs, outreach, worship and caregiving.


Kathy Jewell, Conference CLM Director

2023 CLM Training Program

The 2023 CLM Training Program will begin in March, with monthly gatherings until November.  Half of the sessions will be in-person in El Paso and the others will be online.  Please click here for more information on this year's program.

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