The charge conference is the basic governing body of each United Methodist local church and is composed of all members of the church council. All members of the charge conference must be members of the local church. The charge conference must meet at least once per year. The charge conference directs the work of the church and gives general oversight to the church council, reviews and evaluates the mission and ministry of the church, sets salaries for the pastor and staff, elects the members of the church council, and recommends candidates for ordained ministry. (

Once the charge conference is scheduled, the church will receive a letter from the DS outlining which forms are required for submission at charge conference and forms that should be completed and kept on file.  Please direct all questions regarding forms to Melissa Thacker.

Required Forms (for all districts)

Other Forms

Forms Related to Pastor Compensation

Please be sure you are using the correct form for the appointment percentage and conference relationship. There are 4 forms available, with a combined total of 8 different relationships.

Completed and signed forms effective January 1, 2024 are due in the conference office by December 1, 2023. For questions regarding compensation forms, please contact Melissa Thacker or Anna Marshall.

Melissa Thacker, DS Admin Assistant
505-255-8786, ext. 117

Anna Marshall, CBO
505-255-8786, ext. 102

Pam Rowley, El Paso DS